Heritage/Historic Parks & Gardens

Separate from Parks and Country Parks etc we also have a category for Heritage and or Historic Parks & Gardens. Our region has a very large number of fine parks and gardens in this category and we are fortunate to have such entries as Highdown Gardens, Worthing; Hever Castle in Kent; Worth Park, Crawley; Sir

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards

South & South East in Bloom welcomes entries from community groups or foe groups of volunteers who are working to improve the place where they live. This scheme is open to any small group of residents who have come together to improve an area, or undertake a one-off project. Any group can enter; a street,

Business Improvement Districts & Town Centres

Since South & South East in Bloom started in the 1970’s businesses have been a major contributor in brightening up our High Streets and Town Centres and creating destination hubs and visitor experiences across our region.   Following South & South East in Bloom running  Business Improvement Districts and Town Centre categories for several years,


South & South East in Bloom is not just about flowers,  we welcome entries from Allotment sites too. Either via the local authorities entry (a discretionary award) into South & South East  in Bloom or in their own right.  If you are a member of an allotment society who manages the whole site voluntarily you

Welcome to South & South East in Bloom

Welcome to the South & South East in Bloom Website – The website for Cities, Towns, Villages, Coastal Towns, Community & Neighbourhood Groups, Parks & Greenspaces wishing to participate in the  South & South East Competitions and awards. Each year we receive 100’s of entries who wish to participate from across Kent, East & West

Parks, Country Parks, Gardens & Conservation

Public Parks & Gardens and Green Spaces are among the most important places for Londoners and indeed they form part of our heritage. Infinitely variable; large and small, and often intimate places that can be enjoyed on many levels. Perhaps for just sitting and enjoying the scenery, for sport and children’s play, for gardens or

South & South in Bloom 2018

South & South East in Bloom in Bloom 2018 is now open for entries.

Last year saw entry numbers being sustained and even a few new entries joined us, thank you. At last years awards over 400 guests joined us to receive awards in the various categories, including  Cities, Towns, Town centres, Villages, Business Improvement Districts, Parks & Greenspace and of course not forgetting the wonderful entries from our community gardening groups (IYN’s).
So, of you have not entered before just go to www.inbloom.org.uk and either go to the Entry tab or the Enquiry tab and we will respond as soon as possible. We are not just a competition, and its not all about annual flowers and bedding plants. We wish to encourage every gardener, amateur or professional to help us contribute to improving the environment and work to improve health & wellbeing and the quality of life by caring for our Gardens, Parks, and our natural landscapes. Entering one of our categories is not complicated and judges or assessors when visiting  will give valuable “feedback” to help you improve whatever you are trying to achieve.
So why not give us a try, not everyone will achieve Gold in their first year of entry, but we rarely give a no award so what is there to lose. If you want to know more why not sign up for one of our seminars when the dates are posted.

Hoping gardeners everywhere have a great 2018


New Britain in Bloom Category

Following the growth of Town Centre Categories in the South East & London (also managed by us) RHS Britain in Bloom is introducing a new Britain in Bloom category to be included in the 2019 BIB Finals.
This category will merge the current Business Improvement Category with Town & City Centres. The draft entry description and a new marking sheet will be available soon. So to all of our quite outstanding Town centres across the region there is now an opportunity to receive National recognition. However to get there we will have to receive entries into SSEIB this year in order that the best of the best can be nominated to Britain in Bloom for 2019.

We will post more information as soon as its received.

Please contact kate@sseib.com or anne@sseib.com for more details.

London Airport Gatwick

We are proud to say Your London Airport Gatwick is our Headline Sponsor for a third year. Their support has been invaluable as we seek to develop further the campaign and its accompanying competitions. With this additional support, we aim to increase participation in community gardening and our Villages, Towns & Cities across our region. Our region covers Surrey, East & West Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, East & North Dorset and East Wiltshire. We look forward to a busy and successful year, and we wish all of our entries every success, and we look forward to seeing you at our awards in September at the Amex. Peter Holman - Chairman

Judging Dates 2018

The South & South East in Bloom  Awards  – Cities, Towns, Town Centres, Villages, Coastal Towns & Business Improvement Districts.

Judging  Dates July 2nd – July 13th

The South & South East in Bloom Parks & Greenspaces Awards – Parks, Country Parks, Conservation areas, Church Grounds & Cemeteries.

Judging Dates June 18th – July 13th

The South & South East in Bloom Community Gardening Awards-  (RHS Britain in Bloom Its Your Neighbourhood Awards)

Assessment Dates June 18th – July 13th


Seminars & Workshops

The South & South East in Bloom Seminar & Workshop will be once again hosted by Tilgate Park Crawley on the 22nd March 2018. This year’s topics and arrangements for the day will be posted shortly and information sent to all entries. New or recent entries are encouraged to attend as how to prepare your entry for judging will be discussed. 

The South & South East in Bloom Judges Training day also at Tilgate Park will be on the 11th April. All Judges are urged to attend as several new arrangements are being introduced this year.