What is South & South East in Bloom

South & South East in Bloom is part of the Britain in Bloom, campaign  where Boroughs, communities, residents, businesses can work together to improve their  environment. We have three main objectives: 1. See an increase in the number of people involved in gardening and horticulture and to see the standard maintained or rise wherever possible. 2. To

Welcome to South & South East in Bloom

Welcome to the South & South East in Bloom Website – The web site for community groups, schools and local authorities wishing to participate in Britain in Bloom in the Southern England and South East region. Each year we receive 100’s of entries from communities, schools, cities, towns and villages who wish to participate from

Gardens & Gardeners

The efforts of South & South East in Blooms Gardeners can be seen all across the region and each year judges are amazed at the number and quality of the gardens they are shown. But if you are proud of your front garden or a balcony and your Borough, Town or village  does not have

How to get involved

If you want to get involved,  go to ………………………………….and see what difference you can make locally  or if you already part of a group committed to improving your area  have a look through our site we are sure to have a category you can enter. From our free to enter It’s Your Neighbourhood (an RHS

Parks & Gardens

South & South East England’s  Country Parks, Gardens and Greenspaces are among the very best in the UK and are the glue that binds our campaigns together, we  therefore wish to recognise these special places at our Annual Awards.  Infinitely variable, from large open spaces to small, intimate gardens offering peace and quiet just for

Open for entries 2017

Hi All,

I hope you are all having a well-earned break from the "Bloom", but, if the adage "time spent now, is time saved later" was ever true, some of our entries have already entered as the on-line system is now open.

So thanks to those who have got us off to a good start and to those making inquiries about participating next year. So, if you want to register an entry for the 2017 competitions, or make an inquiry, please go to www.inbloom.org.uk
For potential new entries who want to know more about how to get involved or want to know what categories can be entered, either go onto our site as above and register an interest or email anne@sseib.com or give us a call or phone 020 8662 1021 and we will do our best to help.

Kindest regards

Peter Holman - Chairman

Headline Sponsor 2017

Our Headline sponsor 2016 "Your London Airport Gatwick" who provided us with such tremendous support enabling us to run the 2016 campaign announced at the 2016 Awards at Ferneham Hall, Fareham that they would be sponsoring South & South East in Bloom again in 2017. Great News

Hints & Tips

Thanks to Reg the October hints & tips are now available from the downloads menu. More from Reg next month. Happy Gardening Ed.

Britain in Bloom Awards Birmingham October 14

All at South & South East in Bloom would like to wish our National Finalist the very best of luck at the forthcoming awards.

They are: Deal, Bournemouth, Farnham, Ryde & Canterbury