Gardens & Gardeners

7th February 2012 by admin536

The efforts of South & South East in Blooms Gardeners can be seen all across the region and each year judges are amazed at the number and quality of the gardens they are shown.

But if you are proud of your front garden or a balcony and your Borough, Town or village  does not have an Annual Bloom Competition or does not participate in South & South East  in Bloom how can you get involved?

This year for the first time South & South East in Bloom is opening up the competition to all Front Garden owners whether it’s a formal or wildlife garden or even a front garden with veg or maybe a combination of all things gardening.

It’s not just front gardens, we would also like to see well –planted balcony gardens but these must be seen from the road.   To enter your Front Garden or Balcony go to South & South East in Bloom Direct