Welcome to South & South East in Bloom

South & South East in Bloom is part of Britain in Bloom and runs annual competitions to find the best Villages, Towns, Cities, Coastal Towns,  Parishes, Town & City Centres, Urban Communities and Business Improvement Districts. It not just the large entries abut also the smaller community groups who do so much to preserve our

Heritage/Historic Parks & Gardens

Separate from Parks and Country Parks etc we also have a category for Heritage and or Historic Parks & Gardens. Our region has a very large number of fine parks and gardens in this category and we are fortunate to have such entries as Highdown Gardens, Worthing; Hever Castle in Kent; Worth Park, Crawley; Sir

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards

South & South East in Bloom welcomes entries from community groups or foe groups of volunteers who are working to improve the place where they live. This scheme is open to any small group of residents who have come together to improve an area, or undertake a one-off project. Any group can enter; a street,

Business Improvement Districts & Town Centres

Since South & South East in Bloom started in the 1970’s businesses have been a major contributor in brightening up our High Streets and Town Centres and creating destination hubs and visitor experiences across our region.   Following South & South East in Bloom running  Business Improvement Districts and Town Centre categories for several years,


South & South East in Bloom is not just about flowers,  we welcome entries from Allotment sites too. Either via the local authorities entry (a discretionary award) into South & South East  in Bloom or in their own right.  If you are a member of an allotment society who manages the whole site voluntarily you

Welcome to South & South East in Bloom

Welcome to the South & South East in Bloom Website – The website for Cities, Towns, Villages, Coastal Towns, Community & Neighbourhood Groups, Parks & Greenspaces wishing to participate in the  South & South East Competitions and awards. Each year we receive 100’s of entries who wish to participate from across Kent, East & West

Wise with Water

South East Water is delighted to be sponsoring the village and towns’ categories for the South and South East in Bloom.

The company is taking this opportunity to ask all water savvy gardeners to help spread water saving messages.

Top of its gardening tips are:

  • Take advantage of downpours by installing a water butt to collect free rainwater
  • Lay a holed hose beneath the surface of a flower bed to drip feed saved water to plant roots
  • Mulch flower beds to preserve moisture
  • Cut grass on the highest setting then leave the cuttings to conserve moisture
  • Do not water grass
  • Water plants early in the morning and late at night to prevent excess evaporation
  • Plant drought tolerant species of flowers and shrubs
  • Use washing up water in the garden



Your London Airport Gatwick – Headline Sponsor 2020

Thanks to all of the communities and judges who supported South & South East in Bloom this year and especially to our Headline Sponsor YOUR LONDON AIRPORT GATWICK, with whose support we have been able to encouraging Grass Roots Community Gardening & Horticulture throughout our region.

Great News - YOUR LONDON AIRPORT GATWICK is to sponsor South & South East in Bloom again in 2020 and for the fifth consecutive year. We are indebted to them for their support which has enabled South & South East in Bloom to develop new categories and increase community gardening throughout the region.

Many thanks

Would you like to become an In Bloom Judge or Assessor?

South & South East in Bloom is looking to recruit judges and community assessors to our garden, horticultural, Parks and conservation judging team. If you have three days or more in June/July that you could give up to visit and assess/judge Communities, Parks, Villages, Towns & Cities and have relevant gardening/ horticultural or conservation experience or knowledge we would be pleased to hear from you. In the first instance please send an email to Peter Holman - Chairman South & South East in Bloom, peter@sseib.com briefly describing your background and why you would like to become a judge. You will then be invited to a training day (compulsory) following which you will be assigned to a senior judge/mentor and be allocated a number of entries in the judging year. After a successful probationary year, new judges will be invited to judge/assess for a further 4 years. Good time keeping, able to walk reasonable distances (some entries are walked and no transport is involved), be able to judges anywhere in Kent, Surrey, East & West Sussex, Hampshire, East & North Dorset and East Wiltshire. Judges must be able to get to an entry at the time agreed. Judges are voluntary and only receive out of pocket expenses.

South & South East in Bloom Awards 2019

The results of the 2019 South & South East in Bloom awards are to had on the downloads page

Seminars & Events 2020

South & South East in Bloom will again be s holding Seminars at several venues across the region in 2020. So be sure to book your place and learn more about how the Bloom benefits communities across the region and the UK.

Dates for next years events will be posted later in the year.