Benefits of joining South & South East in Bloom?

How your community could benefit

South & South East in Bloom groups regularly report the following benefits to the wider community:

Increased visitor numbers and a stronger local economy

A stronger sense of pride of place, contributing to reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour

A cleaner and greener place to live and visit, with higher environmental awareness

New partnerships between local authorities, businesses and community groups

More funding opportunities to support specific activities

Higher volunteer numbers, enabling groups to have a bigger impact

Benefits for your community

Pride of place: public spaces improved by the people that use them allows a sense of ownership and shared learning – for the lasting benefit

Greener surrounds: more gardens means a cleaner and greener place to live and visit (91.5 per cent of recently surveyed RHS Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood groups listed this as a key benefit to taking part)

A healthier environment: attracting wildlife with plants could help to boost local biodiversity and tackle air pollution

Transformation: community gardens can regenerate run-down areas and boost the local economy

Safer streets: Cleaner, greener environments have been linked to lower crime rates and reduced anti-social behaviour

Healthier communities: Local food growing can help people make better eating choices, while green exercise is linked to better mental and physical health

Benefits for you

Less stress: ‘green exercise’ like gardening can help reduce anxiety levels and improve mental wellbeing.

Get moving: gardening is a great form of aerobic exercise and could help boost strength, stamina and flexibility.

Better connections: by growing with others you could meet new people and form stronger local networks.

New skills: gain new knowledge, such as how to grow fresh tasty food, how to support wildlife, how to improve the local environment and more.

Discover: take the chance to explore new areas of your community and improve them while you’re at it.


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