Parks, Heritage Gardens & Landscapes

Public Parks & Gardens and our Green Spaces are among the most important places for all in the region.  This category recognises the diversity of our large, small, intimate places that can be enjoyed on many levels. Just sitting and enjoying the scenery, for sport, children’s play, for gardening and horticulture, for walking the dog, for sustaining our wildlife, Parks and open spaces provide it all.

The South & South East is very fortunate to have many outstanding  Gardens, Landscapes and Coastal Landscapes and we invite them to enter. Our various Parks categories help us to celebrate these wonderful places and spread the word across the region and beyond that they are MUST visit places.

We have several categories from small to large, from Conservation Areas to Country Parks, so something for everyone.  So why not nominate your local Park and get your local authority to enter the competition.

Please email for more information.