Entry Categories

In the main categories entry is based on population and electoral roll serves as a figures which can be verified and ensures that judging is on a like-for-like basis and is fair for all entrants.

Entry categories and their population ranges are:

Category Electoral Roll
 Small Village of the Year 1-300
Village of the Year 301 -1,000
Large Village of the Year 1,001 -2,500
Small Town of the Year 2,501 – 6,000
Town of the Year 6,001-12,000
Large Town of the Year 12001-35000
Small City of the Year 35001-100,000
;City of the Year 100,001-200,000
Large City of the Year over 200,001
Urban Community up to 12,000
Small Coastal under 12,000
Coastal 12,000-100,000
Large Coastal Over 100,000
It’s Your Neighbourhood up to 1,000

In addition we have of non-populations based categories:

Category Area/Size
Town Centres up to 1 contiguous Sq.Mile
City Centres over 1 contiguous Sq.Mile
Business Improvement Districts N/A
Business Landscape of the Year  N/A
Small Park of the Year up to 5 acres
Park of the Year Awards 6-10 acres
Large Park of the Year over 10 acres
Country Park of the Year Award N/A
Churchyard of the Year N/A
Small Cemetery of the year up to 5 acres
Cemetery/Crematoria  of the Year 5-10 acres
Large Cemetery/Crematoria of the Year over 10 acres
Heritage Parks & Gardens N/A
Small Conservation Area of the Year up to 5 acres
Conservation Area of the Year 5-10 acres
Large Conservation Area of the Year over 10 acres

Once registered or entered for South & South East in Bloom, you will receive further information. One of the standard elements of participation is a visit from our “in Bloom” judges which normally happens in June/July.


Ferring Nurseries
Amberol Greener and Cleaner
John O'Conner Grounds Maintenance
Southern Water