Entry Categories & Achievements

In the main categories entry is based on population and electoral roll serves as a figures which can be verified and ensures that judging is on a like-for-like basis and is fair for all entrants.

Entry categories and their population ranges are:

Category Electoral Roll
 Small Village of the Year 1-300
Village of the Year 301 -1,000
Large Village of the Year 1,001 -2,500
Small Town of the Year 2,501 – 6,000
Town of the Year 6,001-12,000
Large Town of the Year 12001-35000
Small City of the Year 35001-100,000
;City of the Year 100,001-200,000
Large City of the Year over 200,001
Urban Community up to 12,000
Small Coastal under 12,000
Coastal 12,000-100,000
Large Coastal Over 100,000
It’s Your Neighbourhood up to 1,000

In addition we have of non-populations based categories:

Category Area/Size
Town Centres up to 1 contiguous Sq.Mile
City Centres over 1 contiguous Sq.Mile
Business Improvement Districts N/A
Business Landscape of the Year  N/A
Small Park of the Year up to 5 acres
Park of the Year Awards 6-10 acres
Large Park of the Year over 10 acres
Country Park of the Year Award N/A
Churchyard of the Year N/A
Small Cemetery of the year up to 5 acres
Cemetery/Crematoria  of the Year 5-10 acres
Large Cemetery/Crematoria of the Year over 10 acres
Heritage Parks & Gardens N/A
Small Conservation Area of the Year up to 5 acres
Conservation Area of the Year 5-10 acres
Large Conservation Area of the Year over 10 acres

Once registered or entered for South & South East in Bloom, you will receive further information. One of the standard elements of participation is a visit from our “in Bloom” judges which normally happens in June/July.

Judges & Assessors?

Each year our team of qualified and experienced judges and assessors visit entries to assess/judge them against the appropriate criteria. Visits last from one hour up to four hours depending on the size of the entry. For mainstream entries (Villages, Towns, Cities etc.) generally, two judges visit and for other campaigns such as Parishes, Its Your Neighbourhood, Parks, Churchyards and Cemeteries it is usually a single judge. Once judges/assessors have visited your community/entry and considered how closely the entry meets the criteria they recommend an award. Our award system recognises every entrant’s efforts in improving their local environment and award are based on the standard achieved, not just a case of Pass or Fail.

The awards are:

Medal Guide:

  • Gold, Excellent 85-100 Points;
  • Silver Gilt, Very Good 75-84 Points;
  • Silver, Good 60-74 Points;
  • Bronze, Satisfactory 50-59 Points.

Certificate of Commendation 49 Points and below – no medal awarded.

Criteria & Scoring information will be made available to all those who sign up and enter our annual competition, this in the form of a manual available electronically.


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