Welcome to South & South East in Bloom

28th October 2018 by Peter

South & South East in Bloom is part of Britain in Bloom and runs annual competitions to find the best Villages, Towns, Cities, Coastal Towns,  Parishes, Town & City Centres, Urban Communities and Business Improvement Districts. It not just the large entries abut also the smaller community groups who do so much to preserve our smaller areas and neighbourhoods.

Far from being all about Flowers, Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes, Bloom is as much about protecting our environment, conserving our specie rich landscape and promoting good environmental management and care. We also wish to see the community becoming more involved and caring for their place.  So much so that the 

marking criteria for judges visits has changed this year with community & the environment receiving 60% of the marks. 

If you think it all sounds complicated and expensive its not, and if you would like to knw more about how you or your community can get involved and help us make our region one where we are all proud of how its looks and that