Villages, Town & Cities

Villages, Towns, Cities, Coastal Towns, are the core of South & South East in Bloom and therefore Britain in Bloom. South & South East in Bloom wishes to celebrate these amazing places and recognise their achievements via our annual competitions. Interested then.

South & South in Bloom (part of Britain in Bloom) is an annual competition & campaign that encourages participation and enables communities to be recognised for the work they do to maintain their Villages, Parishes, Towns, Cities, Urban Communities, Coastal Town, Business Improvement Districts and Green Spaces. Participating communities work towards achieving the three pillars of Bloom:

  • Horticultural Achievement
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Community Participation

To recognise the changes in our civic society judging criteria has been modified to recognise the increase in community participation and the issues arising our of managing the environment.  Local Authorities, Community Groups and Volunteers all work to make their Village or Town a better place to live work and visit and to this end, we wish to celebrate that achievement by rewarding that effort.

Communities tackle everything from maintaining parks & gardens, environmental issues such as litter, graffiti and anti-social behaviour and through local effort create and maintain attractive places conserving, sustaining and improving the appearance of the Village, Town or Parish through contributing to a sense of place, community spirit and pride.


Amberol Greener and Cleaner
John O'Conner Grounds Maintenance